Intel Broadwell-E leaks, shows possible 10-core CPU and 4 different SKU’s

Intel GDC announcement

Intel’s Broadwell may have gotten some serious delays, but Boardwell-E leaks are already starting to show, which could mean we will see the Haswell-E successor early next year. The 6950X is rumored to house an extra 2-cores over the previous extreme generation bringing the core count to double digitals with 10-cores and 20 threads.

The CPU clocked speed is rumored to be 3.0GHz with the turbo speed not yet known, but most likely 3.5GHz or slightly less. The L3 Cache is also a whopping 25MB. This are again rumors, but a leaks for future Intel launches are rarely incorrect.

The other three SKU’s include include a 6-core/12-thread (6800k), a 6-core/12-thread (6850k), and finally an 8-core/16-thread (6900k). The 6800K and 6850K feature 15MB of L3 Cache, and the 6850K has a higher clock speed at 3.60GHz vs 3.40GHz, it may also have more PCI-E lanes as well.

The 6900K is very much like the current Haswell-E which also features 8-cores/16-threads, 20MB cache. The clock speed is set to 3.30GHz.

Being a leak/rumour, we of course have no lead time on when to expect the new lineup of extreme processors, but some reports show early 2016 to be a good estimate.

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