Nvidia announce new €1,200 Titan Xp graphics card

Nvidia only recently announced the GTX 1080 Ti  – offering very similar specs to the latest Titan X GPU for nearly half the cost, which is something Nvidia have been doing for recent years that tends to leave bad after taste for those who shell out the €/$ 1,200 for the Titan X only a few months before hand.

Well.. Nvidia had more to offer and so now are launching a new Titan X (Pascal) GPU that will be dubbed the Titan Xp (little p), as not to confuse the market since everyone called the last Titan X the Titan XP (big P) anyway, since we already had a Titan X (Maxwell) GPU already. Really, who could get confused over this.

The new GPU will offer a bump in CUDA cores from 3,584 to 3,840. Memory speed will also be bumped from 10Gbps to 11.4Gbps with the same 12GB’s of GDDR5X memory.

Basically the new Titan Xp should offer around 10-percent more performance over the previous Titan X at the same price. A custom 1080 Ti would have edged out the performance of the previous Titan X for half the price, but now if you want an extra couple of FPS over the old Titan X or 1080 Ti, the new Titan XP will give it to you, but for a massive premium – yeah, we don’t see the point either.

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