AMD launch RX 500 Series Graphics Cards

AMD is finally outing some new gprahics cards, but sadly we’re not talking about Vega just yet. The new RX 500 series is now avaialable, but is not aimed at those looking to upgrade from last years RX 400 series as AMD’s new mid-range line up is mostly a re-branding of last years Polaris based GPU’s with mostly minor improvements.

The main contender being the RX 580 is using a new generation of Polaris arcetecutre with the main differences being a new manufacturering process that brings more efficency and a higher clock speed (150Mhz increase over the RX 480).

While the new line up of cards won’t offer must of an improvement over last years cards, AMD are aware and are more marketing thses towards those only now looking to get good mid-range card or upgrade from the R9 380/370 cards.

AMD wont be releasing any reference cards this year and AIB parners will be given free rain for their designs and cooling straight out of the gate.. Pricing is a little higher than the RX 480 at launch, but that could be due to the lack of reference cards in the begining. The cheapest RX 580 is coming in at around £200/€230 for a 4GB model, with the 8GB version costing around £240/€270.

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