Noctua and RotoSub announce partnership to release the first noise cancellation fans

Noctua and RotoSub have just announced a partnership to release to introduce noise cancelling technology into Noctuas newest fan the NF-F12. This is going to a first for computer fans and the technology is based on using a  technique of using sound waves to reduce noise by means of an effect called phase cancellation or destructive interference.

“Our performance target is to achieve about 80% more airflow and 120% higher static pressure at the same noise level as the original NF-F12”, explains Mårten Oretorp, RotoSub CTO. “There is still a lot of fine-tuning to be done, both in structural design and as far as the algorithms that compute the anti-noise signal are concerned, but we’re working hard to achieve this goal within the next 12 to 18 months.”

Now while it’s a far way out before we see products we can get our hands on, those are some amazing results. If anyone is going to pull it off it will be with Noctua and it’s great see them even more serious about silent fans and this partnership should be a great move forward.

I must admit, the colour scheme on the above test looks to be quite interesting and a big change from the typical Noctua colours.



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