Netflix increase price for HD and 4K subscriptions


Netflix have just a announced a price increase in the US, Europe, and UK. The change in price will affect the top tiers that Netflix have to offer, and wont affect the lower tier subscription.

The cheapest SD option remains the same at  €7.99/£5.99/$7.99. The 2 max stream in HD will go from €9.99/£7.49/$9.99 to €10.99/£7.99/$10.99 and the top 4 max stream package with 4K streaming will all increase by 2 (€£$) from €11.99/£11.99/$11.99 to €13.99/£13.99/$13.99.

The new price changes come into effect for new customers right away, with existing cusomters being notify by November about the price change.

Streams/Resolution Old Price New Price
Netflix SD €7.99/£5.99/$7.99 No Change
Netflix 2/HD €9.99/£7.49/$9.99 €10.99/£7.99/$10.99
Netflix 4/4K €11.99/£11.99/$11.99 €13.99/£13.99/$13.99


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