Google announce Home Mini and Home Max

Google are finally launching some new Home devices, and of course the leaked Mini is among the list. The new devices are aimed at offering a cheaper home device, with a lesser speaker, and an even more substantial device with a more capable speaker than the original Home.

Google Home Mini

First up, let’s talk about the Google Home Mini, which is of course aimed to be an Echo Dot to the main echo like device. This will offer the same Google Home assistant capabilities in the home, but with a much smaller speaker. Unlike the Echo Dot, it does not sport a 3.5mm jack, and can only share it’s audio to a Chromecast device. It should still give users the quick option of adding the Home AI to a room in the house for a much lower price of $49.

The Home Mini is avaialble for pre-order now and arrives October 19th.

Google Home Max

The big beat of a Google Home Speaker is the Home Max. This new deviec will feature dual 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers, two customer tweeters. The sounds is stated to be 20 times more powerful over the original Home.

The speaker also includes some smarts of it’s own, and the device will adjust the dynamics of the sound it’s producing based on it’s location, using the built in microphones. It can also do very well to hear the OK, Google command with loud music playing. Lastly the device can also be tied with another for full stereo support. The device includes Bluetooth, WiFi, USB Type-C, and lastly Line-In.

The Google Home Max is now avaialble for pre-order for a pretty hefty $399. This does include a 12 month subscription to Google Play Music/YouTube Music.

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