Netflix finally adds offline playback


It has been rumored and shot down for years, but Netflix is finally ready to offer users the ability to save shows for viewing offline later. It is most definitely the most requested feature of Netflix since the service began its first stream, and even more with mobile users using Netflix more frequently, offline viewing only makes sense to conserve data limits outside or when you may loose data connection entirely.

The new feature goes live today on both iOS and Android devices and users will being to see a a simple download option for saving content for viewing later. Right now the content that’s avaialble is a mix of original Netflix shows and third party networks, however there is no details on what exactly will become avaialble for download in the future. Netflix have included an Offline tab for quickly finding content you can download directly to your device.

Another positive note is that the new feature doesn’t require the highest Netflix subscription, and will work on any plan.

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