Microsoft appoints Satya Nadella as the third CEO

The search for a CEO to replace Steve Ballmer is over and Satya Nadella will become the third CEO of Microsoft. Nadella (46) has spent the last 22 years at Microsoft and his position before becoming CEO was the head of the Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft.  While a lot of rumors were pointing towards someone outside of Microsoft becoming the new CEO, the board obviously felt getting someone with experience at Microsoft was a better choice and hopefully someone who can repair some of the poor choices that have been made in the not to distant past.

Satya Nadella isn’t the only change at Microsoft with Bill gates returning for a role as Technology Advisor and John Thompson becoming the  new chairman of the board. We have included the first interview with Satya Nadella and a brief message from Bill Gates as he welcomes the Nadella as the new CEO.

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Source: and Microsoft Press Release

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