Microsoft announce new Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft are releasing a new accessory aimed at providing support for gamers with disabilities. Typical controllers have never been usable by those with limited mobility or the use of a single hand, and so Microsoft have spent the 3 years designing a new controller that will provide those with disabilities the chance to play games more comfortably.

The main aspect of the controller is in the name, and being adaptive is a big part of being usable for those with limited use of the fingers, hands, or even legs.

The back of the controller will feature 19 3.5mm jacks for every single button and joystick for the console. This is meant for breakout buttons and devices that make it easier to control that specific need. If you want a big button you can press with your foot, or a thumbstick-handle, then connecting it up is now much easier and should safe money.

Since there are a lot of people out there with disabilities that still want to enjoy video games, most have ended up building, or having built custom controllers and devices to allow them to enjoy their games and definitely at a huge cost to themselves. Microsoft’s aim is about offering a central hub for connecting up custom built devices for better control and most likely offering custom add-ons for it in the future as well and hopefully reducing costs as well.

The Xbox Adaptive controller will go on sale later this year for €100.

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