Dublin based Blockchain Reactor gains investment from Razor Communications

Blockchain is definitely one of the big buzzwords in the tech world right now. A lot of companies are jumping at chance to make big moves around the technology and considering its main format is cryptocurrency and how big that has gotten, it makes sense that Blockchain technology has a lot to offer beyond the virtual currency.

Razor Communications has worked with the biggest companies in the world, and their next big push is about bringing Blockchain solutions to the masses. Blockchain reactor is a Dublin, Ireland based company with a team of 50 developers, designers and data scientists.

Vuk Mirkovic, CEO of Razor Communications global operations and CEO of Blockchain Reactor:

Our significant investment into Blockchain Reactor shows our confidence in blockchain to transform not just the financial services industry but business globally. Blockchain’s scope is huge and requires dedicated focus and time to ensure that Blockchain is utilized in the most efficient manner. Blockchain Reactor will be an integral part of the Razor groups strategy over the coming 12 months”

The investment behind Blockchain reactor and specifically the use as Dublin, Ireland as their main hub around the world is another benefit to those in the tech industry working and living in Ireland, as again it’s shown to be a great forefront for the tech world.

Rick Nassar, Head of Strategy at Blockchain Reactor says:

The overshadowing crypto rollercoaster hype is starting to level out giving more visibility to the businesses that genuinely want to build amazing and lasting solutions on the Blockchain ecosystem. That’s why they are our target markets. Like our well established investor company, Razor, we are in it for the long haul.

HTC only recently announced a new phone with Blockchain technology in tow, and the use case is mainly for privacy and security concerns. It’s no doubt that Blockchain will be a massive part of our technology future and further investment is a huge positive and great to see Irish business moving quickly.

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