Lightest Earbuds For Everyday Traveller – Tranya Rimor In-Ears Review

Rimor Earbuds

Tranya has introduced a new on-the-go audiophile ‘Rimor’ the earbuds that allow you to hear music up to 25 hours. Wireless earbuds are a must right now, the days of cables and audio jacks are over, meaning wireless audio is on the rise.


Tranya’s Rimor earbuds have a new sleek design, they come in a small, matte egg-shaped charging case. The charging case is a USB-C fast charging port which is ideal and allows for a speedy charge a total charge taking around two hours, however for 90 minutes of listening it takes 10 minutes of charge making them the most convenient earbuds I’ve ever used. The small LED lights on the front give an indication as to how much charge the earbuds have. The design of the case is simple and elegant with a matte finish makes it easy to find in a bag/pocket on the go. Opening the case you’re met with the same matte interior housing the earbuds. The wireless earbuds themselves are a neat lightweight size. Staying with the same egg-shape as the case the earbuds sit precisely into my earbuds. Unlike many other earbuds Tranya’s Rimor earbuds are comfortable and cosy in the ear. The black design allows the earbuds to almost camouflage and not draw much attention unlike Airpods. 

Specs and Experience

Tranya’s Rimor earbuds last about 8 hours on a single charge extended to up to 25 hours with the charging case. Charging is speedy and convenient for people on the go.

magnetised earbuds

The earbuds have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The initial set up of the earbuds and pairing to a wireless device was tricky to set up and required a few tries in order to pair both earbuds with each other and then with the phone. However, once setup is complete the experience of pairing with regular Bluetooth devices was seamless, the touch technology on the earbuds automatically allowing for automatic connection to devices. Disconnecting the earbuds simply involves putting them back into the charging case, as someone who tends to lose earbuds this allowed for ease of use.

Playing music on the earbuds is needed for optimal experience. They have 10 mm titanium drivers allowing them to have frequencies of 20 Hz to 20,000Hz allowing for a musical experience where every beat of the base and treble is experienced. The earbuds allow you to emerge completely in the music with environmental noise cancellation (ENC) to transport you into the experience. Although the ENC doesn’t work as good as active noise cancellation it is still pretty decent.

In order to control the earbuds everything is touch based. Tapping once to pause/play, tapping twice on either earbud controls the volume, holding down the right earbud skips to the next song. Although it is pretty simple, I did find it difficult to avoid using the controls when trying to position the earbuds into my ear as it sometimes would skip songs when I was trying to fix it’s positioning especially when doing exercise.

The musical experience on the earphones was phenomenal, allowing for the deep base to be felt optimally, which is rare for wireless earbuds. The touch controls also allow you to answer calls by tapping the earbuds. Although wearing the earbuds I found it good to listen to the phone calls, it provided some feedback to the person on the other line, making it sometimes easier to disconnect the earphones and call on the phone.

Rimor Earbuds Specs

Final Thoughts

Tranya’s Rimor earbuds do have a lot going for them. The design is elegant and compact, making it easy to carry and extremely lightweight. The battery life is amazing and is very convenient especially being on the go. It’s convivence is only heightened by its ease of use, easily connecting to regular devices. These earbuds are quiet possibly the most comfortable earbuds that I have ever worn, designed in the egg-shell shape along with the case it allows for a musical experience like no other. The base like in music is second to none- making reverting back to headphones borderline impossible. The lightweight, slick design make these the best earbuds I’ve used.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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