Ivy Bridge Chipset info detailed, brings native USB 3.0

The upcoming set of CPU’s from Intel will be launching soon and with them a new chipset. The latest info shows of the newest chipset which is dubbed z77 will bring with it some new features. The one feature that was always known was that of backward compatibility with Sandy Bridge processors. The latest features with the Z77 chipset bring native USB 3.0, word is however that it will only support two USB 3.0 ports. This means that Motherboard manufactures will have to either stick with just two or add a third party controller to add more ports.

The PCI -Express support reaches 3.0 spec and the new Z77 chipset will add DDR3L support which is a low voltage ram for those low profile setups that people will no doubt be making with Ivy Bridge as the power consumption on the CPU side will have a peak TDP of 77w.

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