Acer launch the C120 Pico projector

Acer have just launched the C120 pico projector. The newest pico projector from Acer brings with it the ability to be powered directly from a USB 3.0 port when connected to a computer or laptop. The other feature that Acer is touting is the quick start LED Lamp, the lamp will also last up to 20,000 hours. The projector can handle resolutions of WVGA (854×480) and WXGA (1280×800) with a 16:10 ratio .The projector has a retail price of $259(€200) and can be purchased right now.
[EXPAND Acer LED Projector Is Ideal On-the-Go Notebook Companion in the U.S.]Acer America today debuts the new Acer C120 ultraportable pico projector
that can be powered by a PC via USB connection. It’s ideal for business
people, instructors and anyone who needs an incredibly portable projector
to display clear, crisp images.

The ultra-lightweight Acer C120 pico projector is the perfect solution
for road warriors who need to be able to present at a moment’s notice.
The projector features an LED lamp, so it turns on instantly and is
quickly ready to show vibrant images. Presentations can be enjoyed
natively in the 16:9 aspect ratio at WVGA resolution (854×480) or at the
maximum resolution WXGA (1280×800) in a 16:10 aspect ratio. Plus, USB 3.0
connectivity increases data transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than
traditional USB 2.0 for enhanced image brightness and quality.

Customers have the additional flexibility of powering the Acer C120
projector directly from their notebook’s USB port, so they can leave
their power cord at home. This convenient USB 3.0 option allows for
faster display of the images at a bright 75 ANSI lumens. Alternatively,
when higher brightness matters most, customers can power the projector
with the included AC adapter or any Acer notebook PC adapter to enjoy
presentations in an even brighter 100 ANSI lumens rating. The new
projector is also plug-and-play compatible with notebook PCs, so no
drivers need to be installed.

“We’ve designed the Acer C120 projector to be a powerful tool for
businesspeople, consultants, real estate agents and anyone who needs an
ultra-portable projector that will make their presentations even more
effective,” said Chris White, senior director of product marketing, Acer
America. “It’s very convenient to use and provides a range of usage
scenarios, making it the ideal companion for anyone that gives
presentations on the go.”

The Acer C120 has a high 1000:1 contrast ratio that results in crisp
presentations and photos. The projector also ensures image quality and
accuracy with improved color saturation (60 to 120 percent NTSC) and Acer
ColorSafe technology. Color integrity is protected even after prolonged
use of the projector.

Travel-Ready at Under a Half-Pound, Excellent Value
The C120 projector
is ready to go nearly anywhere. It fits in the palm of a hand and weighs
only 6.34 ounces. It is incredibly compact, so it can fit in a purse or
briefcase; it measures 4.72-inches (W) by 3.23-inches (D) by 1.0-inch
(H). In addition, long battery life will ensure the Acer C120 will keep
projecting bright images through the very last slide.

The Acer C120 LED projector is an excellent investment thanks to its many
features and extended lifespan, which translate into significant cost
savings for customers. Maintenance is reduced for the product since there
is no lamp to replace. Plus, the long 20,000-hour LED life ensures
long-term dependable projector use.(1) The Acer C120 has a wide
projection throw range — it can project clearly from as close as 15.75
inches and as far as 12.14 feet away.

The Acer C120 projector is available now for customers in the United
States for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $259. The
new Acer C120 projector is backed with a one year warranty.

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