Google Home getting Bluetooth Audio, Calling support, and more

Google’s big developer I/O conference has kicked off today and right away we’re getting some interesting announcements. Google are  adding some new features to their Home assistant device.

Google Home becomes a Bluetooth speaker

First up we have Bluetooth connectivity; allowing you to connect your phone/tablet or what have you to your Google home device and play audio directly off its speaker. A feature some say was oddly missing at launch.

Need to make a call?

Anyone living in the US or Canada will also get the ability to call anyone in the US or Canada for free. Similar to Amazons newly launched calling support in the US for anyone with an Alexa enabled device, however, with Google Home, you can call mobile and landline numbers too, and yes, for free. It does so using your own contacts, but also support Google’s vocal tone mapping for different user support, and can also include your own number if you want it displayed during calls, or stick with the default private number.

Proactive Assistance and Visual Responses

Google home will soon include support for proactive assistant, which is effectively push notifications, by adding a blinking light to the top of the device whenever you have an alert. This includes updates, intuitive reminders, and traffic updates for scheduled appointments.

Visual responses are also apart of the update, which allow for your Google connected devices to also be apart of your Home Assistant, by displaying contented requested on the Home device directly on your TV/Smartphone/Tablet. Asking for directions will automatically send them to your device.

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