AMD announce Pro series Vega: Frontier Edition GPU

AMD have finally shared some real details regarding Vega; which is their upcoming GPU launch. However, sadly while the details are pretty solid, it’s actually for the professional end of business, and not for the RX Vega, which is aimed at gamer.

None the less; Vega Frontier Edition will launch soon enough, and AMD have stated the GPU will feature a similar spec list to their previous Fury X, but of course on a brand new architecture. The 1.59GHz clockspeed, 4096 stream processors, 64 shades per CU, and 2,048-bit memory interlace will provide 13TFLOPS of single precision compute performance, and 25TFLOP half precision compute performance.

Lastly the Vega card will include¬†16GB of HBM2 memory, with AMD making a big play for the advantages of HBM memory with their Fury X, and now again with the lunch of Vega and HBM2. The Frontier Edition card will arriving with both air and liquid cooled models, and is set to arrive near the end of the June, and barely just making AMD’s promise of 1st half of 2017 with pricing and more details to likely arrive near the end of May.

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