Google coming directly to TV’s with Android TV

Android L Tv

Google have announced they are getting more involved with the TV side of things with a new OS for TV’s called Android TV. Google obviously want to get Android on as many screens as possible and Android TV is a hope to extend their success of Chromecast. It will also bring Play Store content front and centre for countries that support it. The system can be navigated by a remote with a simple d-pad and microphone for complete voice control and search, but it doesn’t have to be a  specific remote and control can be done via your smartphone or Android wear watch. While Google aim to provide their own content front and centre, it has complete app support for other services including Netflx and Plex. Games will also be available on TV’s with essentially chromecast built into the OS.

Android L Tv 2

Google have already secured Sony, Sharp, and Philips with they TV sets in 2015 to contain Android TV. We will also see stand alone set-top boxes with Android TV, for anyone to add the service to their current set ups.

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