Crytek offially launch the free to play FPS Warface

The famous Crysis developer today has officially launched the free to play Warface FPS. The game that was in Beta for a very long time and again the past few weekends up until launch has been met with a lot of popularity. Crytek are eager with the launch of the free to play title and are very focused on bringing an top tiered multilayer experience for free with included in-app purchase if a player so chooses, but they have stated that these aren’t required to progress throughout the ranking system.

Warface is a web based game and by that it using just your browser and doesn’t require a standalone installation, it works uses the platform GFace which was also beta tested along with Warface and is launching today as well. If you wish to play the game, then don’t hesitate and click on the source link below and in the meantime check out the launch trailer below.

[youtube width=”670″ height=”450″]AmZEOzPqGOQ[/youtube]


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