Cerberus for Android, The best anti-theft software available [Free for limited time]

Okay, so say if someone stole your precious device, your world as you know it is over. Well not anymore. Cerberus will help you get your device back, and not just one way either. This amazing and elegant app gives you the abilitiy to not only track your phone like some smartphone manufacrtuers do, but they also help you protect your data and so muc more once you install the app and set it up, Just head over to cerberusapp.com and then log in. Once there you can track the device, wipe it, lock it down, make it ring, record sound, take a picture on either the front facing or back facing camera. You can also set it up to take a picture automatically if someone enters in your pass code incorrectly using the front facing camera and the unsuspecting person will have the picture sent to you by email. This feature does require a rooted device, but anyone who is anyone will root there device just for this ability alone.

There is so much you can do and all of this is available for just €2.99!!! or for a limited time only it’s completely free!!

Just download the app(Link below), sign up and then head over to here  and enter your username and email address and you will get the full license for free! This is to mark there 100,000th download of Cerberus.

Source: Cerberus Google+ Page
Market Download: Cerberus

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