1080p video recording glasses by Pivothead

The new company Pivothead has just announced there first product, It’s actually pretty cool and shocking how simple and great they look. The idea is straight foward. They are stylish sunglasses with a built in video recorded that can record full 1080p video @30 FPS, but also they can record in 720@30 FPS and 720p@60 FPS

Now Pivothead didn’t just slap a camera on a pair of glasses like we have seen before, kinda…. They included a Panasonic gyroscope for stabilization, and seeing how these things will be on your greatly moving head, this is a genius inclusion. A nice 8MP Sony CMOS sensor for image taking. The video also allows for continuous auto focus, fixed focus and macro focus for those close up videos.

The camera also includes more features like

  • Face Tracking
  • Auto Scene Adjustment
  • Wind-resistant audio recording
  • Up to 16-shot rapid burst still photos
  • Time lapse Burst Still Shots at intervals
  • 8GB internal memory capacity
  • 75 Degree Field Of View, no “fish eye” image distortion

There is no doubt that this is a featured pack digital camera, video recorded in a pair of nice glasses. The price for these specs are pretty high at $349(€259)(£219). They glasses are scheduled for release on April 1st, you can jump over to there website with the link below and pre-order them now and get a $25 discount just for signing up to there Pivothead crew. Check out the gallery below to see the different versions of the glasses.

Source: Pivothead

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