Android P is officially Android Pie, Pixel update rolling out now

Android 9 is Android Pie. The latest update from Google has gotten its official name and is already making its way to Pixel devices right now. The new software will introduce new navigation method by way of swiping (iPhone X like).

We’re also getting a good few AI and routine based learning tricks that will adapt certain things based on your habit. This includes Adaptive Battery that switches off applications from running when you need them the least. As the software learns your habits it will begin to make suggestions for opening specific apps and showing information, sort of like predictive text, but for your apps.

Pixel owners aren’t the only users getting the update today, as the Essential Phone is also getting Android 9 today as well, making it the first time we have ever seen a non-Google device get new software the same day. It will probably be sometime before we see other manufacturers release updates for their respective devices.

Project Treble, which was first included in Android Oreo should in theory make those updates faster, and we know the likes of OnePlus and some others will want to push the updates as fast as possible, but not all companies utilize it, or will take big advantage of it.

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