AMD’s massive 32-core Threadripper chip now available for pre-order

It hasn’t been that long since AMD announced their Ryzen Threadripper for the HEDT market. Pricing was a huge factor, along with the obvious amazing performance and huge PCIe lane count.

AMD are ready to double that core count with the launch of Threadripper 2. The new line up of chips are made using Zen+ process that is now at 12nm manufacturing node. AMD are the first to offer a 32-core/64-thread CPU for the High-End Desktop market.

AMD will also be pushing out a 24/48, 16/32, and 12/24 core/thread chips as well. The first up is the behemoth 32-core/64-thread CPU that arrives on August 13th for  $1,799.99/£1,665.99.

While that price might seem high at first, we’re talking about a chip that will give massive benefits to professionals that would normally cost significantly more and require server grade hardware. It currently works out cheaper than the Intel’s 7980XE 18-core i9 CPU, but still performs a much higher level. Intel have promised the launch of their 28-core chip before the end of 2018, but pricing and launch performance are still up in the air.

While the top tier SKU’s will work with current X399 motherboards, it is recommended that you get a new board that is meant for those chips, as the power phase setup for original Threadripper boards is inadequate to handle any form of overclocking.

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