Call of Duty Black Ops 3 gameplay shown off

blacks ops 3

Activision used Sony’s Press conference to show Black Ops 3. Typically Microsoft showcase the latest Call of Duty game with the Xbox and then announce the timed exclusive DLC. This year we see Sony doing exactly that, with users getting access to all map pack first on PlayStation.

This time we didn’t just get the typical campaign demo, but also the multiplayer reveal as well. The game is set to arrive this November with a Beta in August, which is also available for PS4 gamers first. Check out the


Sony celebrating PlayStation’s 20th birthday with limited edition PS4


20 years have passed since the first PlayStation console launched. In 1994 the first PlayStation hit the shelves and was a massive impact in the gaming console business. The original PlayStation console will of course have a solid place in a lot of gamers hearts, even throughout the years, that signature boot up sound still hits us all pretty hard. To celebrate the birthday Sony are launching a limited edition PS4 with the 1994 color scheme. The entire console, including joypad, camera, and cable will also include that PlayStation gray we got with the original PlayStation console. The limited edition console launches today on the exact anniversary of the Japan release (3rd of December 1994). US pre-orders start on December 6th with other regions still in the air.



PlayStation System software 2.0 includes Share Play

Sony PS4 SharePlay

Sony’s Gamescom press conference is still under way, but during the event they were kind enough to release details on the upcoming System Software 2.0. One of the includes features is Share Play.  Allowing games to share they game with other users around the world. Like handing your joypad to the person next to you. Gamers can give control to their friends and the best part is that their friend doesn’t need to own the game, or even download it. It’s all streamed through the power of the internet.  Another bonus is that PlayStation Plus users will allow them to bring friends into their games and play together, again without their friends owning the game.

Other features in the update includes YouTube direct uploading, real name based searching, and instant access to friends and recent players broadcasts.


Destiny Beta details emerge, launches 17th of July on PS3/4 and the 23rd for Xbox 360/One


Bungie have just released details on the upcoming beta of Destiny. We already knew from the Sony E3 press event that the PS3 and PS4 would be getting the beta first and we finally have all the dates for all platforms involved.. The beta will begin first on the PS3 and PS4 on July 17th with a planned maintenance downtime on the 21st and 22nd of July. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One  will then join the PS3 and PS4 for resumed beta access on July 23rd.

Gamers interested in playing the Beta will require a beta code, which anyone can get by pre-ordering the game from select retailers. Players will also require PlayStation Plus or an Xbox Live Gold to be able to access the beta on their respective consoles. The beta ends on all consoles on the 27th of July and players will have to wait until the official launch in September to play the game again.


GTA V coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC this Fall


Right at the end of Sony’s press conference at E3 2014, we got a glimpse of the upcoming release of GTA V on the PS4. The game will also be heading to the XBox One and PC with transfer support of your online profile from previous generation to the current one i.e Xbox 360 – Xbox One. Since GTA V already looked and played incredible on previous gen consoles, it will be a nice treat to see how good the game looks with the extra resources of current generation machines and of course the PC itself. Below is a small trailer for the game, which as always includes little snippets on what we can expect when the game launches later in the Fall.


Sony announce PlayStation Now beta, YouTube Support, and PlayStation TV release

Sony PS TV

Sony didn’t just announce games at E3 and had a few product announcements to share with us all as well, not to forget the white PS4 bundle that is arriving on September 9th with Destiny. PlayStation Now Beta will start on July 31St for PlayStation 4 owners in the US and Canada. The service will give users access to over 100 PS3 games via Sony’s network.

Sony also announced that PS4 users will be able to use the share button to share videos directly YouTube with support arriving this Fall. PlayStation TV was announced not to long ago as Vita TV, however, today we get a slight name change to PlayStation TV and release date, with it arriving this fall for $99 or $139 with a controller, HDMI cable, 8Gb memory card and the Lego Movie Game.

PlayStation TV