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Intel launch 14nm Core M processors

intel core m

  Intel today at Computex have announced their latest generation of Core processors dubbed Core M, which will use Intel 14nm tri-gate process. Thew new generation of processors are set to bring the thinnest tablets, with Intel stating the majority will be fanless based due to 60-percent less heat. The Continue Reading

Qualcomm announce Snapdragon 600 and 800 chips


  Qualcomm have announced their latest chips which include a new set of branding rules. The S5 name was expected but instead the new set of chips are being called the Snapdragon 600 and 800. Both new chips over much in terms of increase performance compared to the S4 Pro. Continue Reading

Intel CEO Paul Otellini stepping down May 2013


Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini is retiring next May and will be stepping down as CEO and president of Intel. Otellini has spent 38 years with Intel becoming the CEO on May 18th 2005 replacing Craig Barrett. Intel have sent out a press release about the announcement which you can read below. Continue Reading

Samsung announce Exynos 5 dual core processor


Samsung have just announced their latest mobile processor which is the Exynos 5. The processor is slated to take smartphones and tablets to the next level with unprecedented performance. Below is a schematic of the new architecture that will be used for the next series of processors. The Exynos 5 is based Continue Reading

Review: Intel DZ77GA-70K and Intel Core i7-3770k

Skull heatsink

It’s time for another review and thanks to Intel we have the lovely Intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard and Intel i7-3770k processor to play around with and check out it’s performance. So let’s not mess around here and dive right into the specs of each piece of hardware. Intel DZ77GA-70K Motherboard Memory Continue Reading

Intel Ivy Bridge processors officially launched


Intel have officially launched there new Ivy Bridge line of processors and with them comes the 22nm goodness that is the Ivy Bridge architecture. The difference between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge is the 20 percent increase in performance while also having a 20 percent decrease in power usage. The Continue Reading