Intel’s 8th Generation CPU (Cannonlake) to continue using 14nm process

Intel’s 8th generation of processors codenamed Cannonlake won’t be making the jump to 10nm as previously thought, but instead will continue to use the same 14nm process that Intel has been using since Broadwell. This makes it 4 generations of CPU’s from Intel stuck on the same process.

It wasn’t long ago that Intel changed from their famous Tick Tock cycle of development to a longer 3 year plan that saw Process > Architecture > Optimization. Unfortunately for Intel, they simply couldn’t make that deadline to launch 10nm within 3 year window they previous announced, and now it looks like Intel are moving to 4 years between the launch of of a new process.

Intel are still promising a 15-percent performance increase with the new processors over last generation, and will launch during the second half of this year, most likely closer to the end of the year.

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