Xbox Game Pass brings Netflix like gaming subscription to the Xbox One

Microsoft are bringing their own subscription based gaming to the Xbox platform. While it’s somewhat similar to PlayStation Now type subscription from Sony, It’s actually more comparable to EA’s Origin Access. The main differences here are that Microsoft are actually giving you the game to download, rather than streaming it like Sony do. So downloading and installing the game will be the first step, but also means no drop outs or region lock outs.

Another main factor is that while Sony only offer PS3 games with their subscription service. Microsoft are going to include a good few Xbox One games with it as well. However, most will be Xbox 360 titles. The likes of Halo 5 Guardians, Payday 2, Saints Row IV, Mad Max and more. So definitely not just older generation titles. Latly Microsoft have stated the some games will leave the service with ones arriving each month, but discounts will be offered if you wish to keep it, again making it very similar to Netflix, but for games.

The service will arrive this Spring, and is currently making it’s way to some Xbox Insiders for testing. Pricing is set at €10 euro/£10

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