Xbox 360 250Gb Slim review

So just a few days ago, I got my new Xbox 360 slim, I know its a late review but a review none the less. Anyway, First thing you notice is the shiny gloss finish on the case(4gb version has matte finish), It does look really nice and goes well with the chrome top and bottom case frames.

So what are the main differences between the new Xbox 360 slim and previous models, Well for start its smaller in every way, length, Width and dept, The way Microsoft did this was they have joined the CPU and GPU chips into one, Meaning they are now cooled my the same cooler, Its one circle fan that now blows the air straight up the top(Having the Xbox flat down). You really can feel the heat come out of it and makes me think Microsoft really don’t want there new Xbox 360 overheating on anyone. The other thing you notice straight away is that they have now removed support for there own memory cards, This is a good idea, During spring they added usb memory stick support for save games, So there really is no need for the tiny memory cards they use to sell.

At the front of the Xbox you have very nice touch sensitive power and eject buttons and a tactile sync button, They look really nice and give off a nice sound when touch. The front also has 2 use ports.

Looking around the slim Xbox you will notice the hard drive connection bay is no longer present, Thats because its on the inside, You pop off a cover on the bottom(standing tall) Then pull the hard drive out. Just to note here, The 4gb version is not a hard drive but built in memory, Meaning you can add the 250gb hard drive later if you want. This version being the 250gb has the hard drive in there and ready to go.

At the back you will see all the connectivity support for the new slim Xbox, It has 3 usb ports and a special Kinect port(on old Xbox’s you will have to use a supplied power adapter which Kinect will connect to and then give you a usb port). It usual it has hdmi and Av output, Now here was something i like, Instead of having to use an av adapter to get optical out while using hdmi, They have now added optical out directly to the Xbox itself, Which is very handy indeed. All that is left is the new 2 pin power adapter(135w).

Now the joy pad for the new slim Xbox got a nice make over as well, Instead of having grey-ish thumb sticks, D-pad. and bottom cover. Its now all black and really does look a lot nicer, The dashboard button is now chrome as well.

While the new Xbox is definitely an improvement and looks alot nicer then the old version of the Xbox 360, It really has no real differences, There is absolutely no need to update your Xbox 360 to the new unless you feel you must have the newest tech(I know i do). So if you are on the market for an Xbox 360. save up and get the new one, It will of course last longer then the old versions which unless you have jasper model motherboard are still very much rrod prone. Its a step up to getting the new slim version Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 GB retails for €250 and the GB version is €199(Go for the 250GB)

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