Watch Dogs from Ubisoft shows off impressive gameplay

E3 week and that can only mean one thing. GAMES GAMES GAMES. okay three things!! This game is somewhat unknown, but believe me when I say it will be known. The game is called Watch Dogs and it’s made by Ubisoft Montreal. Based on the video we can tell it’s a sandbox game much like GTA and possibly takes place in the near future.

The game is based on character Aidan Pierce, it seems like he is out to right some wrongs or enact revenge and with it has a cool ability to control pretty much all technology around him. Check out the gameplay video below to be amazed by not only its realism, but graphics, game play and Tech awesomeness.

Release date is unknown, but the game is expected to be released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Let’s hope we aren’t too long away from this game, but our guess is that it won’t be with is until next year.

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