Valve’s SteamOS set for beta released to public and OEMs on the 13th of December

Valve will be pushing their infamous and somewhat still mysterious SteamOS on December 13th, which is tomorrow in case you weren’t aware. The SteamOS drops the same time the Beta units are being shipped to the 300 lucky individuals that were selected to receive them, sadly the beta was limited to the US only after it was announce to be worldwide. None the less it’s good news to see Steam heading towards the living room and bring PC gaming with it. The Beat for the in-home steaming is also set to start soon.

Valve have suggested that unless your an experienced Linus users (hacker) than probably best to wait until next year to give the SteamOS a shot. Check out the announcement post from Valve regarding the beta release of SteamOS with the link below.

Source: Steam

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