Valve announced the Steam Controller, coming along side its game console

Steam Controller
Valve have been playing their own console for some time now with the launch of Big Picture some time ago. This week they announced SteamOS along with the BETA for the Steam Machine console that will fit nicely in your living room and with any new console comes a new controller and just like that we have the Steam Controller which Valve are pushing to make all of those amazing PC games as playable as possible in the living room using a joypad.


The new controller includes two click-able track pads along with a high resolution touch screen display and a total of 16 buttons with half of them available on the trackpads themselves. Above is an image to show how Protal 2 would be set up for the joypad. Valve have stated that the API for the Joypad will be freely available to developers later this year. Currently Valve are planing a Beta for the joypad along side the Steam Machine which players can sign up for using the source link below. Valve will be picking 300 people to receive a Steam Machine and a prototype joypad, that sadly will not have the touch screen but rather 4 tactile buttons instead with the full version of the joypad launching next week along side the final Steam machine.

Source: Valve

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