UPC upgrading 99% of its broadband customers to 20Mbps

UPC are about to make a lot of customers happy. This coming September they are going to upgrade 99% of there existing broadband customers to speed of 20Mbps free of charge, The remaining 1% is being upgraded from there 1Mbps package to 12Mbps.

They have also announced plans to increase the bandwidth from 250GB to 500GB for all customers that have signed a new agreement from July 2011 onwards. Meaing the lowest will still be 250Gb but only for a small percentage of people. Mainly because you will being getting the new speed in by the end of august which means a new agreement.

The marketing and sale’s director of UPC said “20Mbps as a minimum speed will allow everyone in the home to experience the web to its absolute fullest” “We also want our customers to have a fulfilling online experience, and to help them do this we are making our download allowance on all our services over 50 times as high as Eircom’s entry download cap. This means the average UPC customer doesn’t have to worry about download limits at all anymore.

There is however some slight negating news to be added, They will be added €1 to €2 charge extra to about a third of it’s customers. Now they haven’t announced what this charge will be added to and who exactly it will affect.

This is all in all good news, The price increase isn’t at all that bad and will help UPC expand even further, They already provide the best broadband speed for most of Ireland, There next step is to roll out in more county’s.




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