Titanfall release for Xbox 360 pushed to April 8th in US and April 11th in Europe

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EA have just announced that Titanfall for the Xbox 360 is getting yet another delay, pushing the release window from March to April. The new launch date for the game is set for April 8th in the US and April 11th in Europe. EA have detailed the delay as giving the developers Bluepoint more time to to make the game ‘even better’ and make sure its launch on the Xbox 360 has little to no bugs present. Keep in mind that while Respawn directly worked on the Xbox One and PC game, they used Bluepoint developer to port it to the Xbox 360.

This will of course upset eager fans who have already been waiting for game which was originally set for release along with the Xbox One/PC, but was pushed two weeks to give the Bluepoint developers more time on the game, this extra delay pushes the launch a full month after the Xbox One/PC launch. Hopefully the Xbox 360 launch of Titanfall will see no hiccups/bugs at launch and let’s hope this is the last delay we will see.

Source: EA

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