Launch ‘All you can eat data’

NOW THIS IS NEWS, Wasn’t sure if it was real when i first heard of it but it turns out that it is!!! If you are on a ‘Flex max’ plan with three then you can apply for this new offer they have. Basically its unlimited mobile broadband!!! Which to say the least is a huge step for any mobile service provider!!

I really think this is a fantastic offer from and its completely free! That’s right free ‘All you can eat data’ Unitl the 31st of December 2011! My guess is that it will probably be extended by that time. I really hope other networks follow in the same direction as three as the mobile phone industry has already taken off and some people will find they use there phones online more then there computers. This offer helps assure that peoples usage isn’t going to cost them a fortune!

P.S There is also a hidden feature in there aswell!! With Android and iPhone’s giving you the ability to tether your mobile’s internet connection to your computer, You can feel free you use that all you can eat data on your computer aswell.

One thing to note is that there does seem to be a kindof fair usage policy being applied here. What this means is there is actually a limit of 15GB on the ‘All you can eat data plan’ from Now thats not written in stone to say that they just state in there terms they ‘Reserve the right to limit your service’. Seeing as this is a free upgrade from the old 2Gb limit, There really isn’t much to complain about.

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  1. Yeah and if you don’t update in time…they will screw you until they get their 20 euro top up to pay for it (on pay as you go) 5 euro a day for me. Not terribly happy with that or their reception…

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