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Okay, So here is yet another phone type watch!! Whats the difference with this one! Well not much really, But it sure does look nice. The UK based manufacturer sWaP has just released this new Rebel GSM watch, Its pretty basic when it comes to specs, Its got 2GB micro SD card(expandable to 8GB), Also it has a camera for taking pics and recoding video,It does hide away the USB on the strap itself which is nice! Also built in is an Fm radio and A2DP bluetooth to stream your mp3’s to bluetooth headphones(Nice feature i may add). All in all its really a fashion accessory and in no way will sway anyone from a real phone, Although i wouldn’t mind using this on this crazy nights where i may end up loosing my phone, But the asking price on these is a little steep at £189.99(€225).

Not sure if many people would be interested in something like this as it would in the end me just a side gadget and not mainstream, Although its very nice looking, Not very practical, With this you need either a headset though the output or bluetooth headset, The standy by time for this is around 85 hours with talk time at only 2 hours, Not bad for a 240mAh battery.

All in all if you are looking for a head turning watch/phone, Then this may be your solution but if you are looking for a phone/watch then I’m afraid it probably isn’t. Check out some more pictures below. Also check out there site here.

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