Steam to start selling non-game software

Valve have just announced that this coming September they will begin to offer more than just games for purchase and download and will take steam to another level. They will soon be offering applications like audio production, photo editing, video editing, account and other utilities, in fact the options are endless. Steam already have a huge user list and offering high quality applications may be something the users will like, there is no word on how much this will be implemented, but this is the biggest change for steam in a long time.

Valve have stated that Dev’s can submit their applications for approval through Steam GreenLight which uses Steam users to help pick new games and soon apps to be released on Steam. Valve have also stated that the applications will also benefit from the same advantages as the games do which includes auto-updates and Steam cloud.

“The 40 million gamers frequenting Steam are interested in more than playing games,They have told us they would like to have more of their software on Steam, so this expansion is in response to those customer requests.”  words from Valves Mark Richardson.

This may be a good idea, or might possibly just fall apart soon after launch, to be honest , we are not sure another app store is what we need right now, but since Valve are implementing this into Steam, also since they are on multiple operating systems, this may just work well for them.

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