SqaureTrade drop and water tests of Nexus 7 vs iPad

SquareTrade have gotten the newly release Nexus 7  tablet which is made by Asus and Google and have put it through the typical drop tests and a nice water journey to see how well the new tablet performs in what should be called tech torture.. This time they have taken a new iPad to put up against the Nexus 7 in all the same tests to see a comparison of each test. So check out the video below to see the cruel but necessary behaviour that takes place.

The Nexus 7 is one shockingly well-built device and it pretty much survived nearly unscathed. This is probably going to be a great selling point for the new tablet as people always tend to drop their expensive toys. The iPad on the other hand pretty much sucked to put it bluntly, with terrible damage on every test. This is why it is always wise to have a decent case protecting your device. A simple €5-10 rubber case might have absorbed enough shock to prevent the screen from  damaging so much.

That being said, the iPad had a troubling fall by landing on its corner each time. Corner drops will almost always results in screen damage due to a small impact area and perhaps the nexus 7 was lucky, but to be honest. The weight is normally the deciding factor of how a device will hit the ground. At the end of the protect your device with a case and if you can insurance as well.

Source: ElectronicsBreak(Youtube)

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