SpaceX successful launch of Falcon Heavy

The first test flight of the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX was a huge success. The rocket, which incorporates a full Falcon 9 rocket, and two extra Falcon 9 first stage rockets as strap-on boosters. This rocket design allows for a total payload delivery of up to 63,800 kilograms (140,700 lb), which compared to the 22,800 kilograms (50,300 lb) of a single Falcon 9 is hugely impressive.

The payload for todays launch you ask, well of course that would be Elon Musks own Tesla Roadster with the Starman dummy in the driver seat. The payload of which was direct towards Mars and playing David Bowie (Yeah, seriously, it’s up there).

The launch as we mentioned was a huge success and probably the most impressive visual was watching the two side rockets land simultaneously back at Cape Canaveral. The core was set to land on the automated barge at sea, but visuals were lost before touchdown and it’s demise was all but confirmed by the lack of update during the stream, but ultimately the launch was an overwhelming success, which you can relive with the video below (it’s worth checking out.)

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