Sony Vita TV announced: offers PS Vita gaming and services as a mini console for your TV

Ps Vita TV (3)
Sony just announced the new upgraded PS Vita but also decided to bring the PS VIta to the more known area for gamers, the TV. The new device dubbed the PS Vita TV pretty much offers PS Vita gaming and services as a console for your TV with use of a PlayStation controller. The hardware size comes in at just 60 x 100mm and includes HDMI, USB, Ethernet, PS Vita storage and gaming slots and of course power connector. The device will also support the PS4#s remote play function once launched, giving you the option to play the PS4 in any other room.

Ps Vita TV (2)

While not every PS Vita game is said to be available for the PS Vita TV due to the lack of a touch screen display for some necessary controls, the list of compatible games is pretty extensive. Availability for the PS Vita TV is currently only announced for Japan, arriving around November for 9,954 yen (around $100) or 14,995 yen ($150) which comes with a joypad and storage card.

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