Sony show teaser for PlayStation 4 itself, second reveal coming June 10th at E3

Song have a released a teaser video for the big reveal of the actual PS4 itself. The event back in Feburary left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth since Sony didn’t actually show the PlayStation 4 itself. There was a few reasons for that, one being they needed something to show off at E3 this year and second and probably more note worthy, they didn’t actually have it built yet, but rather a pc style version of the PS4 components.

Either way, it looks like they have finally gotten around to putting the PS4 together and have sent out a rather small sneak preview of what the new console will look like, well…. just flashes of corners and fan cut outs and possibly a button. Anyway, check out the video for yourself below.

[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]QjXU1anoC5Y[/youtube]

Sony will be finally revealing the Ps4 on June 10th at E3 so look forward to see some action then.

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