Solidoodle introduces the $500 3D printer


Anyone who travels the web and is interested in gadgets should know what a 3D printer is and they should also know they are generally expensive, somewhere in the range of $2000. Well the company Solidoodle have released a new 3D printer that costs $499. Now if you don’t know what a 3D printer is that is okay, just imagine a normal printer that can print 3D objects that are made of plastic, simple right.

The new printer from Solidoodle is the first printer to be in the affordable price range, considering you are actually able to print anything you want. The printer has a build area of 6x6x6 which makes it perfect to printing off those fun little artistic model you have always wanted. This time of gadget is just awesome for the tech savvy but also amazingly useful for the business size of things. The idea of just printing of a model of a building, or toy and even a working prototype is nothing should have spectacular.

Solidoodle have release a video(below) detailing the information about the new printer and of course the different ones available and an idea of how it works, see sit back and watch it print.

Source: Solidoodle

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