Seagate announce ability to cram 1Tb data per square inch

Seagate have today announced that they have reached a huge milestone in the developer of hard drive technology. Using a a next gen technique known as Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording(HAMR) have developed the ability to increase the density of a hard drive platter to fit 1Tb of data per square inch. This means that in the near future we could see hard drive with sizes up to 60TB in size.

Current hard drives use a technique called perpendicular Magnetic Recording(PMR) and give the storage density of around 620 gigabits per square inch. This allows hard drives 3TB in size for 3.5″ casing and 750GB for 2.5″ devices.

There is no word on availability of new hard drives, currently there is a soar in hard drive prices due to the flooding in Taiwan last year which caused there to be a shortage in Hard drives. There is no word on when the prices of Hard drives will begin to decrease.

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