Samsung post Q4 Revenue report, Rakes in €31.8 Billion with €3.56 billion profit

Samsung have just released there Q4 revenue reports, As is all the big companies around this time of the year. Samsung are pleased with the results with a total of  47.3 trillion won(€31.8 Billion) with that a profit of 5.3 trillion won (€3.5 billion). Samsung have also released some of there sale figuires aswell, Letting us know what exactly is the best parts of Samsung.

There Smartphone department seems to caring the biggest success with it generating 40 percent of sale’s in Q4 and making just about half of the companies profit alone at 2.6 trillion won(€1.74 Billion). The display panel side had an increase of 20% over 2010 generating 8.55 trillion won (€5.7 billion) in sales. There Semi conductor business also made a hefty profit of 2.3 trillion won (€1.51 Billion).

Samsung obviously have a great year ahead, At least that is what they are saying, They suspect an increase in everyone of there business and of course there sale figuires do account for that. Check out the PDF file below to see more information from Samsung.

Source: Samsung PDF

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