Samsung post Q2 2012 financial results

Samsung have posted their Q2 financial results and this are results a lot of people have been waiting to see, mainly to gather the impact of sale on the Galaxy S3, which has broken its predecessors record by some distance. The numbers are in and Samsung have hit revenues of $42 billion with a record profit of $5.92 billion. This is mainly due to the increase of sales in their mobile department by 75% alone with general sales up around 21% compared to last year of the same period.

Samsung of course have a lot of different departments and it seems a few have had not such good times with their Semiconductor department falling 6%. Samsung have stated this is due to a seasonal low demand for PC’s. Samsung’s display business increased by a healthy 16% compared to last year and this is reportedly due to more mobile manufactures adopting OLED technology and overall and increased demand for it.

Samsung have no doubt had a great quarter, with a few lows, but mainly a solid rise in display sales and a huge increase in mobile sales and this is of course due to amazing Galaxy S3 sales alone, which have been expected. If you wish to read the entire financial report, click the source link below.

Source: Samsung Financials Q2 2012

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