Samsung Galaxy SII to finally get ICS starting today

After last weeks mishap with the Galaxy SII reported to get ICS on the 10th and then quickly retracted by Samsung and them stating it will be released when it’s ready, well merely a few days later it seems to be ready, at least in a few areas like Korea, Poland, Sweden and Hungary are all amoung the first countries to get ICS for the Galaxy SII. Samsung have also let word that the UK will be getting ICS starting the 19th of March. This is obviosuly depended on the countries networks. So you may have to wait a little while before getting ICS update depending how long it takes your network to release it.

Other devices to receive ICS will be the Galaxy Note, Galaxy SII LTE, Galaxy R, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, 7.7, 8.9, 8.9 LTE and 10.1, but there is no word on how long it will be before we see ICS released for those devices, Let’s hope it’s not to long.

Look forward to a full review on the Galaxy Note with ICS when released.

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