Samsung Galaxy S3 breaks over 10 million sales, selling over 190,000 units a day

t was easily expected that Samsung would make great sales on the Galaxy S3 and everyone was wondering just how good the sales would be, they are pretty good. Samsung Mobile’s President Shin Jong-Kyun has stated that the Galaxy S3 has “become a 10 million seller” in the two months since release of the Galaxy S3, those are some impressive numbers. That equals to around 190,000 devices sold a day. It took around 5 months for the Galaxy S2 which is of course known as the most popular Android device to reach the same amount of sales. So it does look like the Galaxy S3 has taken over as a more popular device.

Samsung are easily happy with the results of the Galaxy S3 so far and it’s worth nothing that Jelly Bean is on its way for the Galaxy S3 and is reported to arrive sometime in August/September. So this should increase sales even more for the Galaxy S3.

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