Samsung Galaxy Note ICS upgrade pushed back until Q2

That’s right folks, your beloved Galaxy Note will not get a chance to experience ICS until sometime during Q2 of this year. The disappointment will no doubt shock those hoping to see ICS sooner, but it’s not all bad news and the new update will include a premium suit of new apps including S Note, an unique tool that combines your notes and sketches with other digital content, giving you a new way to create your own stories. Also includes innovative shape- and formula-match functions, instant digitization of tables and grids, and knowledge search engines. The update is said to also include Angry Birds Space which made it’s debut today.

Let’s hope it’s not too long before we all get to enjoy ICS on are notes. Currently I’m using the leaked version/custom rom. Which while it works. There are a few bugs and holes that need to be sorted out. Check out the video below to see some of the new apps in action on the Galaxy Note

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note ICS upgrade pushed back until Q2”

  1.  Dammmmm, some one please help, i installed ICS STUNNER by NEOBUDDY on my
    note , all was fine and working purfectly until this morning ..i was
    having a few issues with rom so i went into cwm to wipe data , dalvik
    and cache and boom , it just hung for 20 minutes , eventually i had to
    pull battery , put battery in and its DEAD, i have tried every thing , 3
    button combo, download jig , took battery out for 10 mins then charged
    on wall socket, my phone is deader than curt cobain, it is only a month
    old HELLLLP

    1. Hey Toby, first off remember one thing, It’s impossible to fully brick the galaxy note. Now you say you used the download jig.

      Walk me through what you did here. There have been other users of ics stunner that had the device kind of bricked, but all when using the usb jig have been able to recover their device.

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