Samsung Galaxy Note Announced and detailed

Samsung have just announced something rather interesting, Its called the Samsung Galaxy Note, It’s details are pretty insane aswell. The first that must be mentioned is fact is has a 5.3″ AMOLED 1280 x 800 resolution screen. That is just insane for what will be Samsung’s next venture of the mobile market.

The other specs include an impressive 1.4Ghz dual core CPU, 8MP camera with 2Mp front facing camera. The massive 2,500mAh battery is removable and will gives this phone the power it needs. The weight comes in at 178g(6.3 ounces).

The most interesting feature is the fact that is has a built in Stylus, With it comes the feature called S-Pen, Which is way of using the Stylus to get more abilities out of the Android operation system, Such as hand writing recognition, drawing and such.

Samsung have stated that at the moment it’s launched isn’t network tied and availability is depending on your location. So that means you shouldn’t expect it to be everywhere right away.



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