Samsung Galaxy III reveal date and image leaked

The above picture has be leaked onto the internet and is suspected to be the Galaxy SIII from Samsung. The phone in which is said to sport a quad core CPU and ceramic casing on the back of the device. The above picture does infact fit the roomers and to be honest, it actually looks pretty good. The device looks extremely slim and from the bottom right you can see an logo for a company called WeberShandwick. Which happens to be the pr company for Samsung in the U.K and Ireland. So the possibilties of this image being real are extremely high. Unless the person who put it together did there research..

Looking close to the device you can see a widget that has a reminder set for May 22nd, the note on the date is “Watch a live Broadcast of the Galaxy S III unpacked event. This also fits in nicely with the rumours of the announcement of the device.

While May 22nd is a far bit off, there is no doubt going to be more rumours in the mean time and hopefully more leaks. I suppose the best way to announce a device is to have small leaks like this every few weeks right up until the announcement, in an aim to build up hype. So there is a real chance that it was WeberSHandwick that leaked this themselves.

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