Samsung Dex allows for makeshift desktop experience using Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8/8+ are finally offical and we now know what Samsung’s next flagship has to offer. Samsung are also launching a pretty intriguing dock for the new smartphone dubbed Samsung Dex. We have seen stuff like this before from other phone makers, but also other smart docks from Samsung.

Samsung Dex takes things further than what Samsung have done in the past, and this time around the experience on the monitor will be more desktop like with a UI built entirely for it, rather than a simple screen mirroring. The phone will slide into the docks USB type-C connection, and will provide multiple USB ports, HDMI out, Ethernet, and USB Type-C  for charging. It also has a built in fan for keeping the phone cool when in use.

The UI on the desktop mode will feature native screen real estate for the monitor, application reszing, and third part support from Microsoft for Excel, Word, with Samsung also working with Adobe for support on Samsung Dex as well. Chrome or the Samsung browser will offer desktop websites as well.

Avaialbilty of Samsung Dex is still to be announced, and that inlcudes pricing. Samsung have stated that the dock will be avaialble globally.

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