Review: V-Tech Digital video pen!

Okay, Up for review is a V-Tech Digital video pen,Thanks to Neil( For sending this over for review. This is basically a pen with a built in video camera and 2Gb Storage. Its pretty straight forward to use, Simply turn it on by hitting the button at the top, Flashing orange means recording, Blue means standby.The battery last for around 2 hours before needed a charge and can record up for around 5 hours footage total. Below is a quick video to give you an idea of the quality.


Now the quality isn’t the best, But far from terrible, Seeing as this is just a pen after all. I must note that the time and date at the bottom of the video are kind of concerning as i have no idea on how to change it. Seeing as this is really meant as noveilty rather than performance, It would be unwise to hold it up to the standards of normal video cameras, But that being said, The is semi decent enough considering its overall size, battery life and capacity.

The pen records at 640 x 480(No changing of the settings) The video above is 25 seconds long at comes out at 14.3MB in size.

I never really had any trouble with it, Charing from the USB port is always simple and a great idea. You can plug it in and copy over all the files you have record. Really is plain and simple to use.

Conclusion: While is not a mainstream camera, It preforms Farley well for the price and isn’t have bad if you need to record lectures or meetings without having your phone or camera out. The mic on this is actually quite impressive and gives decent sound. The price of this pen is currently €45/£40.50 and can be bought directly from There was feature that i taught would have been nice to have and easy to include. Simply taken pictures. Now whiles it no huge it would have gone along way in my mind. I give this 3.5 stars(Out of 5), Which shouldn’t go without noting is mainly novelty to me but does have useful features.

Thanks again to Neil broderick and


P.S The pen works great too!!

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