Review : Otterbox Commuter for Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 is only getting more popular everyday and of course with new flagship devices come new accessories or cases/covers and as such we are going to review the best ones. Otterbox are known for the amazing cases that over protection with a stylish look. We have the Otterbox Commuter case for the Galaxy S3, so let’s dive straight in a take a look at the case.

Otterbox also include a screen protector for the Galaxy S3, to make sure you device is full protected.

The cover comes in two parts, the main part is the soft plastic that cover the entire device and has the cut outs for the power and volume buttons. Then we have the out plastic shell that goes around the softer cover to offer the maximum protection.

The case immediately feels extremely solid when together, even when not in the phone. Installation does require you to separate the two parts to be able to attached them to the smartphone.

Both the headphone jack and MicroUSB connections have soft plastic flaps to protect them when they aren’t being used and are easy to pop open quickly. There shouldn’t be any issues with headphone jack sizes, but you may have issues with certain MHL adaptors and other accessories.

Installation can see very difficult at first, it really comes down to the way you try to install the cover, but once you get the hang of it you quickly and basically it becomes easier over time, but the main purpose of the cover is to over protection and the worst thing would be if you dropped your device and the cover when flying off leaving the phone to bounce along the ground without protection.


Overall the cover sits very well on the Galaxy S3 and doesn’t add much thickness and you will easily be able to feel more solid strength around your device and that before anything else is the most important factor. The buttons at first are pretty stiff and offer no real feedback for when they are pressed, but after a while of use they begin to adjust and become easier to press.

The only other issue is that the cover feels pretty slippery, no more so than the phone itself, but again you don’t want to needlessly drop your device be it protected or not.

The Otterbox Commuter cover for the Galaxy S3 is very impressive and does its purpose 100% and protects the device and there is no doubt in my mind that it will protect the device for a long time. The cover is nothing but solid and made with high quality standards and you can easily tell when using it. The cover does come at a premium price tag at around €20-30, but again if you want some of the best protection than the Otterbox Commuter is easily worth the money.

Thank to Otterbox for sending out the cover for review. check out some of their products include the Commuter cover over at

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